DIPLE LUX is made up of a DIPLE objective LENS, plus a compact EXTRA LIGHT SOURCE for lateral illumination of the samples; a new system specifically designed to work on opaque subjects to observe the tiniest details of their surfaces, out of the DIPLE box. Therefore, DIPLE Lux is the perfect solution to observe opaque subjects. It is, indeed, your new powerful, solid and portable magnifying lens. 
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The magnification factor is the ratio between the size of the subject seen on the device screen and its actual size. Said that, on an average smartphone screen the magnification of DIPLE Lux is about 30x; it can be multiplied by the digital zoom without observing significant pixelation effect.

The optical resolution is about 3.2 micron.

The useful Field of View (FOV) is about 1 mm in diameter.

DIPLE Lux can be used as a typical magnifying lens, so it can work on any kind of opaque subject: from prints to stamps, from coins to details of 3d manufactures, from wood to tissues, and so on.


With DIPLE each student can make Science experiments independently; thanks to its small size, each student can work on its own desk in class, in lab, at home or even outdoor. All the students can make their microscope experiences at the same time, setting the system in few minutes.

The direct use of smartphones or tablets with DIPLE ensures an amazing engagement, at any age.

Since there is no need to clamp or attach it, DIPLE Lux works with virtually all models of smartphone and tablet in the market.

Yes, you can see how to use DIPLE Lux at this link.



With an adjustable led light and a powerful lens, DIPLE Lux is a handy, solid and affordable digital magnifying lens to explore the surface of any opaque object. Observe the smallest details of stamps, coins, prints and all kinds of subject, and save pictures and videos directly on your phone!