Single Lens Micro


  • Extremely portable: you can keep it in your wallet
  • Clear: high quality shots saved directly on your device
  • Powerful: max resolution of 0.005 mm (in transmitted light)
  • Reusable for hundreds of times
  • Spare, multi-usable adhesive tape included
  • Free App included
Magnification: 20x

The magnification factor is the ratio between the size of the subject seen on the device screen and its actual size. Said that, on an average smartphone screen the magnification of Blips Micro is about 20x.

The best subjects on which you can use your Blips Micro can be seen with a light source and a stable mechanical support. It is a first step into the realm of microscopy, and can be used to observe slides with pond water, histological samples, pollen grains, plant sections.

Of course! You can find it HERE.

Blips lenses work on all models of smartphone and tablet with plastic, glass or metal bodies, with plain or protruding cameras, and with cameras on the center of the phone body or towards the angle of the device body. They also work on almost all types of tablets and iPads.

Yes, you just need to locate the used camera on your phone and, if needed, lock the autofocus. For further information please read our FAQs.



The best way to approach the world of microscopy! A high level of magnification allows you to make a first step into the microworld.

As any powerful objective lens for microscope, the depth of focus of the Micro lens is short. Therefore, this lens model is suitable for observing flat samples in transmitted light with a stable mechanical support.

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Single Lens Micro