BLIPS lenses are innovative products that can be used in different applications. Apart from being appreciated gadget by Science and nature fans, they can work as useful accessories for other products when a microscopic control is useful. For example, to check the effectiveness of a medical/cosmetic treatment, or the degradation of a mechanical component; an accessory offered to check the effectiveness of a product is perceived as a proof of product quality. Some innovative companies have already introduced this new phone accessory to their customers, with great success.

Moreover, it is always a great gadget to promote Science education and dissemination.


Blips Macro lenses are also excellent gadgets for technological events and for companies that love innovation. The simplicity in the graphic customization of the packaging makes our products an ideal solution for any type of promotional use.


The REVOLUTIONARY microscope for any smartphone

DIPLE is aimed at the public who wants a portable instrument for microscopic investigation; an extremely compact system that can be quickly stored in a drawer or in a small bag. DIPLE is the product for the most demanding customers, with professional or amateur needs. The product has been received with great interest from citizen scientists, Science teachers, researchers and professionals in the most varied fields, from biology to nanotechnology, as well as from a number of Science fans.


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