Diple Grey lens


1 Diple Grey lens 75x – Resolution of about 1 micron.

It allows to reach a magnification of about 500x on the screen of common devices just adding digital zoom, without significant pixelation.

The magnification factor is the ratio between the size of the subject seen on the device screen and its actual size. Said that, on an average smartphone screen the magnification of DIPLE Grey is about 75x; it can be multiplied by the digital zoom without observing significant pixelation effect.

A precise calibration of the system (phone+lens) can be performed with a micro-ruler (you can find it among the accessories).

The useful Field of View (FOV) is about 0.7mm in diameter.

The best subjects on which you can use your DIPLE Grey are botany, histology and zoology samples, pond water, algae, details of cells and all the typical subjects of traditional microscopy classes. With this lens you can even see some bacteria.

Of course! You can find it HERE.

Since there is no need to clamp or attach them, DIPLE lenses work with virtually all models of smartphone and tablet in the market.

The working distance for this lens is short, becuase of its high magnification factor (and due to its small diameter).

WD: 0.5-0.6mm (in air)

DIPLE Grey lens delivers about an optical magnification of about 75x, together with a resolution of about one micron with any common smartphone.



With a magnification of 75x this lens allows you to get amazing results in the microscopic observation of microscopic organisms, cells, prepared slides and various samples from the microworld!

Diple Grey lens