EDU pack


DIPLE RGS + Blips Macro Kit + 10 mixed prepared slides
All the best sellers items to schools and colleges in one COST EFFECTIVE pack.
For macro observations and for real experiments of microscopy.
Using smartphones and tablets, the observations can be easily connected to monitors and interactive whiteboards.

DIPLE RGS kit with Standard Stage, with Red (35x) and Grey (75x) objectives.

With a resolution up to 1 micrometer, DIPLE allows you to see cells, with any smartphone.
  • DIPLE Red objective lens
  • DIPLE Grey objective lens
  • Standard Stage
  • tweezers
  • plain slides for microscopy
  • light source
  • pipette
  • prepared slides
  • 100 coverslips
  • 2 adjustable feet for use with tablet
  • screwdriver


Made of Macro Plus and Macro Blips lenses, this kit is the ideal solution for macro photography on smartphone!

Macro Plus Lens: with focal distance of 20 mm and great ease of use, this add-on lens is the ideal solution for users who want to start exploring the world of macro photography on smartphone. Insects, flowers, details of everyday objects, even your eye will appear in a completely new way! Transform your smartphone or tablet into a powerful macro camera and start exploring!

Macro Lens: with a magnification of 10x and focal distance of around 10 mm, this add-on lens for smartphone allows you to capture amazing details of the microworld!

1 Macro lens
1 Macro Plus lens

Spare, multi-usable adhesive tape included


Mixed microscopy slide set. Includes botany, histology and zoology slides. 10 pieces and plastic box.

01. Human blood

02. Human mouth cell w.m.

03. Frog egg w.m.

04. Animal epidermis w.m.

05. Broadbean stomata w.m.

06. Leaf c.s.

07. Onion epidermis w.m.

08. Herbal plant stem c.s.

09. Woody dicot leaf c.s.

10. Onion root tip l.s.



Thanks to its small size, similar to a pencil case, each student can keep its DIPLE microscope on its own desk. This can be very useful for Science labs in the classes: all the students can make their microscope experiences at the same time, setting the system in few minutes.

Also, the Blips Macro kit is a perfect solution for macro experiences and observations, both in classes and outdoor.

The prepared glasses in the pack are perfect samples to start the exploration of microscopic details!

Of course! You can find it HERE (DIPLE RGS) and HERE (Blips Macro Kit).

Since there is no need to clamp or attach them, DIPLE lenses work with virtually all models of smartphone and tablet in the market. The two adjustable phone/tablet feet included in the kit allow the system to provide the perfect support for any kind of mobile device.

Blips lenses work on all models of smartphone and tablet with plastic, glass or metal bodies, with plain or protruding cameras, and with cameras on the center of the phone body or towards the angle of the device body.

This is the perfect solution for Science classes and education!

It includes the DIPLE RGS (DIPLE Red&Grey with Standard stage) kit, a powerful system to explore the microscopic world, with two lenses (35x and 75x) to observe different kinds of samples, with resolution up to 1 micron, and the Blips Macro Kit, made of Macro Plus and Macro Blips lenses, the ideal solution for macro photography on smartphone. To complete the kit, there is also a mixed microscopy slides set, which includes botany, histology and zoology slides.

EDU pack

EDU pack