DIPLE BF (Black & Fine Stage)


DIPLE Black & Fine is the top choice for anyone interested in a smartphone microscope.
DIPLE has been selected for teaching and research activities in schools and universities around the world.

With DIPLE BF you can perform microscopy on smartphones and tablets at its highest levels.

– The three different versions of DIPLE lenses for microscopy in transmitted light are included in this kit.
– The Fine Stage, for a precise shift of the sample under observation.
– A micrometric ruler for measuring at the micro-scale
– Accessories for performing many microscopy experiences

Thanks to its optical resolution below 1 micrometer, DIPLE allows you to see even sub-cellular details and some kind of bacteria, with any smartphone.
You can perform outdoor microscopy too, because the system is solid and durable. As a result, the only limit will be your imagination!


Product SKU: D0008
  • DIPLE Red objective lens
  • DIPLE Grey objective lens
  • DIPLE Black objective lens
  • Fine Stage
  • tweezers
  • light source
  • pipette
  • plain slide for microscopy
  • micrometric ruler
  • 3 prepared slides
  • 100 coverslips
  • 2 adjustable feet for use with tablet
  • screwdriver
Magnification: 35-250, 75-500, 150-1000x


Thanks to its amazing performance and to its sturdy, this model of DIPLE is the preferred for the most demanding institutes, ad any level.

With DIPLE each student can make Science experiments independently; thanks to its small size, similar to a pencil case, each student can work on its own desk in class, in lab, at home or even outdoor. All the students can make their microscope experiences at the same time, setting the system in few minutes.

The direct use of smartphones or tablets with DIPLE ensures an amazing engagement, at any age.


Of course! You can find it HERE.

Since there is no need to clamp or attach them, DIPLE lenses work with virtually all models of smartphone and tablet in the market. The two adjustable phone/tablet feet included in the kit allow the system to provide the perfect support for any kind of mobile device.



Thanks to the three powerful objective lenses in the kit, you can see micro-organisms, cells, cellular details and even some kind of bacteria, with any smartphone!

The lenses can work in water immersion without any problem. Sometimes a drop of water between lens and sample can even improve the optical performance, increasing a little the working distance.

The Fine Stage allows one to shift the slide with little steps, thanks to two manual little wheels.

Everything in about 0.5Kg and with the size of a pencil case… basic accessories included!

DIPLE BF (Black & Fine Stage)