Full Kit


  • Extremely portable: you can keep it in your wallet
  • Clear, high quality shots saved directly on your device
  • Very powerful: max resolution of 0.0035 mm (Blips Ultra), 0.005 mm (Blips Micro), 0.01 mm (Blips Macro) and 0.015 mm (Blips Macro Plus)
  • Reusable for hundreds of times
  • Spare, multi-usable adhesive tape included
  • Free App included

This kit includes Blips Macro Plus (5x), Blips Macro (10x), Blips Micro (20x) and Blips Ultra (33x) lenses.

For any kind of subject, starting from macro photography (insects, flowers, small objects) up to real microscopy (tissues, plant sections, pond water…).

Of course! You can find it HERE.

Blips lenses work on all models of smartphone and tablet with plastic, glass or metal bodies, with plain or protruding cameras, and with cameras on the center of the phone body or towards the angle of the device body. They also work on almost all types of tablets and iPads.

Yes, you just need to locate the used camera on your phone and, if needed, lock the autofocus. For further information please read our FAQs.



Do you want the complete range of Blips lenses at a low price? The Blips Full Kit is the one for you! Macro Plus, Macro, Micro and Ultra lenses are all included in one set, allowing you to explore every aspect of the microworld!

The most powerful lenses (Micro and Ultra) perform at their best when they are used to observe thin samples in transmitted light.

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