When you apply BLIPS Macro you can see on your screen an image magnified about 8-15x without the use of additional digital zoom. The range 8-15x is due to the differences among the cameras of the smartphones or tablets employed.
With BLIPS Micro you can see on your screen images magnified about 16-28x, while the magnification power for the Blips Ultra lens is of 30-45x. With the Blips Ultra lenses it is possible to detect details of about 3 micron (3/1000 mm).

The method used to measure this magnification level is the following:

  • Take the picture of a ruler, with BLIPS applied on your smartphone, without using digital zoom
  • Measure on your touch screen the distance between two tick marks
  • Divide the distance measured in this way by the real distance between the two tick marks on the ruler

Other products claiming very high magnification levels, but without specifying how it is measured, result of significantly lower magnification applying this straightforward method.