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Zoology Slide Set (x15 Slides)


A set of 15 prepared slides for microscopy, with various zoology specimens. With a solid plastic carrying box.

1 Paramecium plain w.m.
2 Paramecium conjugation w.m
3 Euglena w.m
4 Pediculus humanus capitis w.m.
5 Spider w.m
6 Fly head w.m
7 Fly wing w.m
8 Bee head w.m
9 Bee leg with pollen basket w.m
10 Butterly antenna w.m.
11 Butterly proboscis w.m
12 Human squamous epith
13 Frog blood smear
14 Frog stomach sect
15 Frog small intestine o.s.


Zoology Slide Set (x15 Slides)