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Botanical Slide Set (x20 Slides)


A set of 20 prepared slides for microscopy, with various botany specimens. With a solid plastic carrying box.

01. Spirogyra filaments
02. Chlamydomonas, E
03. Penicillum v.s host
04. Saccharomyces
05. Marchantia archegonial head
06. Marchantia antheridial head v.s.
07. moss v.s.archegonial head
08. moss v.s. antheridial head
09. moss capsule
10. fern v.s.thru.sorus
11. mushroom v.s.
12. pinus pollen grains
13. onion root tip l.s.
14. dicot t.s. leaf
15. monocot t.s. leaf
16. dicot t.s. stem
17. monocot stem t.s.
18. dicot t.s. root
19. monocot root
20. macerated wood fibres

Botanical Slide Set (x20 Slides)