Blips 3 kit


  • Blips3 MV lens

Approx. magnification: 5x

With a larger field of view and a great ease of use, it is the macro lens for the most common macro-observations.

Working Distance: 20 mm
Magnification level (approx.): 5 X
Optical Resolution (micron): 15
Field of view (mm): 20
  • Blips3 MX lens

Approx. magnification: 10x

With a magnifying power comparable to ordinary USB digital microscopes, it is suitable for super-macro, hand-held uses.

Working Distance: 10 mm
Magnification level (approx.): 10 X
Optical Resolution (micron): 8
Field of view (mm): 10

This kit includes Blips3 MV (5x) and Blips3 MX (10x) lenses.

All subjects suitable with macro photography: insects, flowers, details of everyday objects like coins or stamps, prints and so on.

Of course! You can find it HERE.

Blips3 lenses work on all models of smartphone and tablet with plastic, glass or metal bodies, with plain or protruding cameras, and with cameras on the center of the phone body or towards the angle of the device body. They also work on almost all types of tablets and iPads.

Yes, you just need to locate the used camera on your phone and, if needed, lock the autofocus. For further information please read our FAQs.


Blips 3 kit