Lens Kit

The Blips Kits provide an entrance door to the microscopic world, for everyone. With the Macro and Macro Plus Blips lenses, you can take macro pictures and videos of insects, flowers, and details of everyday objects. With the Micro and Ultra lenses you can make a first step into the microscopic world, observing living micro-organisms, or prepared slides for microscopy with cells or other micro-structures.

So thin that you can keep your Blips lenses always with you, for exploring and shooting the microworld anytime you want.

The Blips Micro lens and the Blips Ultra lens, in conjunction with the offered light source and phone stage, will allow you to use your smartphone like a real microscope in transmitted light.

The new metal series lenses allow easy and stable application of the lenses on the case of any smartphone, thanks to the plasticity of two thin metallic strips on the flexible film.