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SMO-US corp.

18 Bridge Street, 2A Brooklyn NY 11201, United States of America


Smartmicrooptics Srl

VAT IT02382790992


Via Reale 203, 48123 Glorie, Ravenna (RA), Italy

Registered Office Colombo 2A/8, 16121 Genova, Italy

Smartmicrooptics Srl
Registered office: Colombo 2A/8 – 16121 Genova – Italy
Headquarters: Via Reale 203 – 48123 Glorie, Ravenna (RA) – Italy
VAT IT02382790992
Registration number in the AEE Register: IT23060000014965
Battery and accumulator register number: IT23060P00008758
SMO-US corp.
Registered office: 18 Bridge Street, 2A Brooklyn NY 11201 – United States of America
Email: –


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