About Us

The study of neuroscience requires state of the art optical tools.
BLIPS has been developed within the neuroscience labs of the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), exploiting the materials and methods used for the manufacturing of microdevices for the investigation of neuronal networks.

The everyday use of many kind of microscopes and micro-tools led us to move part of this technology out of the labs, providing exciting tools to a number of people interested in science and technology.
BLIPS is the first product of SmartMicroOptics Srl (SMO), a spin-off company of IIT; the vision of SMO is to open the doors of microscopy to everyone, with different levels of performance and technical complexity.

As in every good microscope there is a carousel of objectives, each one addressing a specific group of applications, SMO wants to provide a full set of objectives for portable devices, ready to use for everyone.
BLIPS is the first product, providing two different magnification levels for a number of applications in the everyday life