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Vetrini Preparati Istologici (x25 Vetrini)


Un set di 25 vetrini preparati per microscopia, con vari campioni istologici. Con una solida scatola di plastica per il trasporto.

  1. Human blood, thin film
  2. Stratified squamous epithelium, oesophagus, TS
  3. Skin, showing hair insertions and sebaceous glansd, VS
  4. Lung, connective tissue stain, TS
  5. Stomach wall, fundic, VS
  6. Duodenum showing Brunner’s glands, TS
  7. Ileum, showing villi and goblet cells, TS
  8. Striated muscle, showing striations and nuclei, LS
  9. Non-striated (involuntary) muscle, E
  10. Cardiac muscle, showing nuclei, striations and intercalated discs, LS
  11. Spinal cord, TS
  12. Myelinated nerve, teased
  13. Cerebellum, VLS
  14. Artery and vein TS
  15. Columnar epithelium, TS
  16. Pseudostratified cilliated columnar epithelium, TS
  17. Olar tissue E
  18. Adipose tissue, section
  19. Compact bone, for Haversian canals and lamellae, TS
  20. Liver, TS
  21. Pancreas showing islets of Langerhans, TS
  22. Kidney, TS
  23. Testis, for spermatogenesis, TS
  24. Ovary showing follicles, TS
  25. Eye, entire, VS

Vetrini Preparati Istologici (x25 Vetrini)